We at Box It Mom are proud to introduce to you our new postpartum kit. That is correct! A kit designed specifically for all the mother’s to be. Whether you are a first time mom, or have had the pleasure of going through multiple pregnancy we assure you this kit will satisfy all your needs postpartum.

During pregnancy the focus is on the anticipation of a soon to be new born child, the emotions, the joyous moment that lead up to the main event is full of preparation not only mentally but physically. The unborn child is celebrated even without its knowing, as we gift him/her with the essentials they will require after birth. For example, baby showers are celebrated to assure both mom and dad have the clothes, diapers, toys, basinets, swaddling blankets, baby bottles, the list is endless, to receive their new bundle of joy.

Product highlights

  • Postpartum mothers can bleed for several weeks, having the heavy flow pads is highly recommended
  • When nursing a baby make sure you have nursing pads for those unexpected leaks
  • Prevent infections by assuring you are using a gentle fragrance free vaginal soap
  • Dehydration affects many mothers, having a lip balm close by will help prevent dry lips
  • Sitting 10 to 20 minutes a day in a sitz bath will prevent infections and help with the healing of your genitals
  • Keeping a Perineal Bottle in each bathroom to clean your sensitive areas


the key


With much care and thought we have added the essential items prepackaged in a box ready to go.

Time Saving

Time Saving

We do all the running around, gathering all the items so therefore the mother can spend more time with her baby.

The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

At a baby shower, the hospital or at home, every mother would love to receive a gift tailored with love for her.

Celebrating the Mother

All the essentials for her in a convenient box

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